TTCP Quarterly Data Newsletter

With this quarterly newsletter, Top Tier Capital Partners (“TTCP”) is seeking to share insights into our data analytics platform. We’ve included; (1) TTCP’s performance benchmarking, (2) valuations on new investments and realizations, (3) a look at new financing rounds, and (4) analysis around valuations in Europe and the U.S. All data is from September 30, 2020, unless stated otherwise.

Defining Today’s Opportunities Funds

Top Tier has observed a growing number of funds titled as “Opportunities” Funds in the ecosystem, which can mean many different things. We are continually having to define these fund names internally so we have accurate context, and thought it would be helpful to share our naming conventions which are based on the underlying investment strategy.

Top Tier Holiday Shopping Guide 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Top Tier Holiday Shopping Guide! We have organized a shopping list from the latest consumer start-ups within the Top Tier portfolio. It has become essential this year for consumer start-ups to offer online products or services and we hope you will all be able to find a technology-driven gift from one…

Private IPOs are Here to Stay (For Now)

The topic of Private IPOs is getting a lot of interest and is something we have examined before. We previously wrote about the rise of unicorn (private $1B+) valuations and the impact of mega rounds on exit dynamics within private markets. We have spent the last 18 months thinking about what a new normal might look like as companies choose to remain private for longer. A Private IPO is defined as a financing round of $100M or more. While we do not have a crystal ball, we think that the Private IPO is here to stay (for now).

The Top Tier Response to COVID-19

Like many around the world, TTCP is actively adapting to the ever-changing work environment, which has become our new norm. It’s during unique times like these that we, as institutional investors, are trusted by our Limited Partners to remain ahead of the market, and invest their capital responsibly. To do so, TTCP has conducted update meetings with managers and compiled data to provide our supporters with a snapshot of how venture firms are measuring COVID-19’s impact on the industry, responding to this new environment, and how we at Top Tier plan to navigate today’s market.

Venture Capital Geographic Allocations in a Changing World

When investors are asked how they think about building exposure to venture capital, many say they are quite opportunistic with an overarching goal to get access to the best entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and venture capital funds on the planet. However, at many large, institutional platforms, investments are first driven by portfolio construction models that seek…

Top Tier Holiday Shopping Guide 2019

As we head towards the end of 2019 and the beginning of the next decade, TTCP hopes to make your holiday shopping a little easier with this collected list of popular products from our portfolio companies.We hope that this will help you pick out the latest technology-driven gifts for all of your friends and families.…

The UK’s ‘Golden Triangle’

Top Tier has planted our European flag in the UK with the opening of an office in London. While venture capital activity is growing in many European cities, London is still widely recognized as the financial epicenter, and we believe it is also one of the top innovation ecosystems in the region due to the…