Data-driven Insights

Using data to differentiate good from great.

As an investor in venture funds, secondaries, and direct investments, Top Tier has a unique vantage point in the ecosystem. Our strategies are complementary, blending our investment expertise, long-standing relationships, and proprietary data to generate investment opportunities.



Our primary activity is focused on venture strategies that have the potential for outsized returns. We support funds focused on all stages and sectors of the venture ecosystem. In a nutshell, we look for special people with special networks who have demonstrated the ability to manage institutional capital. Over 20 years, we’ve honed our approach and use that pattern recognition to help identify the next generation of leading venture capitalists. We pride ourselves on being there for our partners and are in it for the long haul alongside our investments.


Our secondary activity provides liquidity to limited partners in venture funds and shareholders of venture-backed companies. We serve management teams, early employees of start-ups, limited partners, and general partners. 

Example liquidity solutions include:

  • Direct Secondaries (Shareholder equity sales)
    • Sale of VC-backed equity shares 
    • Liquidity programs and tender offers for company employees
    • Providing employee secondary liquidity alongside Preferred equity investments
  • Limited partner Secondaries
    • Individual funds or a basket purchase of limited partner interests
    • General partnership liquidity 
    • Structured fund liquidity 
    • Fund liquidations/full sales of direct holdings


Our direct investment activity aims to invest in high growth, venture-backed companies. TTCP will lead or participate in financings. Our investment strategy targets: 

  • Mid-stage and growth-stage venture-backed technology companies
  • Exceptional leadership teams, differentiated technology, and ambitious growth endeavors

The Mine: Data Analytics for Active Portfolio Management

The Mine provides our investment teams with industry data collected and curated over nearly two decades. With investments in 350+ funds worldwide and our proprietary database of more than 9,500 companies, we are uniquely positioned to offer data-driven insights. Our ability to triangulate trends, understand GP blind spots and benchmarks, and glean insights from The Mine, allows us to differentiate good from great and spot emerging trends early.

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0K+ Companies
0K+ GP company investments
0+ LP – GP investments
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  • Sourcing engine
  • Performance optimization
  • Deal attribution analysis
  • Portfolio construction simulation
  • Identification of pricing arbitrage
“My peers really like to see folks who are using a data-driven method, because it may not guarantee repeatability, but it does guarantee that the process can be repeated and consistency in that process. Consistency in that process is what Top Tier brings to the table.”
Kate Mitchell, Scale Venture Partners
“Our insight and perspective into the innovation economy are fueled by more than two decades of carefully curated data. Through that considerable insight, we are able to offer our investors unique access to a select group of top-tier managers across the globe.”
David York, Managing Director at Top Tier Capital Partners
“We’ve been doing direct secondary and co-investment deals for more than a decade now. With our extensive experience and comprehensive data, we’ve proven ourselves as a trusted partner for capital in later rounds.”
Garth Timoll, Sr., Managing Director at Top Tier Capital Partners