Which Sectors Are Particularly Exciting at the Moment?

David York interviews Stephen Pagliuca of Bain Capital at SuperInvestor U.S. 2013 in San Francisco.

Stephen Pagliuca (Managing Director, Bain Capital) interviewed by David A. York (CEO and Managing Director, Top Tier Capital Partners) at SuperInvestor U.S. 2013 in San Francisco.

The U.S. is just coming out of a recession and but bright spots are emerging and the development of shale gas in the U.S. has been phenomenal.There are predictions that in the next 15-20 years the U.S. could be its own independent energy source which is obviously manufacturing – it will bring down costs and allow U.S. businesses to bring back labour from overseas.

Which sectors are particularly exciting at the moment?
Bain Capital looks at companies that it can transform, companies in growth areas. There are exciting things going on in healthcare but we need to bring the costs down and increase the quality – it’s definitely an area to invest in.

Other exciting sectors of investment: knowledge economy (social media and all the spinouts from that) and the changing of old media to new media.

Bain Capital looks at the global economy but also the growth play within those niches.

China has come through recent changes very smoothly – their goal is to grow their economy so they need to create more jobs and increase the standard of living.

We have had an explosion in global trade which is good for China and the U.S. – a potential upside coming out of the recession

The U.S. is the most stable and law-abiding country in the world which makes for a great investment climate.