Top Tier Holiday Shopping Guide 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Time to start holiday shopping, and we have many gifts perfect for all of your friends and family members. We have collected a list of our top products of the year to help you pick out the latest technology-driven gifts. Please see below our highlights across entertainment, fashion, food, health and wellness, and toys.

Many of these products have been used by the team here at Top Tier, so if you have any questions relating to a product or service, please do not hesitate to ask!

Shopping Guide 2017 - Entertainment

Technology has transformed the way we capture and consume entertainment. Roku is a budget-friendly set-top box streaming TV and media (including Amazon prime video, not available on the Apple TV) in 4k for ultra HD TVs.  The Avegant Glyph is an immersive video headset that uses light field technology to create a mixed reality space for viewers as well as an immersive entertainment system for streaming and gaming. The Essential Phone was created by Andy Rubin, the founder of Android.  The phone has accessories that can connect to the phone magnetically, including a 360 degree personal camera, keeping the phone cord-free.

Shopping Guide 2017 - Fashion

Many companies have put an emphasis on the comfort and customization of our clothing and the consumer shopping experience.  Allbirds uses New Zealand’s superfine merino wool to create comfortable and light shoes.  If you already own a pair, check out Smallbirds for the kids.   Boon + Gable created a new way to shop for clothes, sending a stylist to your home with many items for you to try on, get advice, and buy.  Rep the Squad is a subscription-based club that allows fans to rent professional sports jerseys. The company has a selection of classic throwbacks, alternate jerseys, or simply the jersey of your favorite player.

Shopping Guide 2017 - Food

Healthy foods have taken over as people are becoming aware of the impact that food has on their bodies and lifestyles.  Impossible Foods created a burger made entirely from plants for people who love the taste of a real hamburger without the meat. According to Impossible, their burger uses 95% less land, 74% less water, and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions than ground beef from cows.  Daily Harvest delivers pre-portioned cups of frozen superfoods for smoothies, soups, and more. Why frozen? Freezing fruits and vegetables within hours of being harvested retains nutrients and locks in freshness.  Looking for a frozen treat in the dessert category? Check out Wim, a single serve frozen yogurt machine for the home.

Shopping Guide 2017 - Health & Wellness

We have seen several health and wellness products and companies pop up in the last year covering everything from exercise to personal care.  Peloton is an exercise bike with indoor cycling classes with live and on-demand classes, allowing you to experience the energy of a live cycling class in the comfort of your own home.  The Peloton leader boards help gamify the workouts and allow users to compete with friends.  Founded by Warby Parker veterans, Harry’s sells well designed German engineered razors, shaving cream, and face wash online for a fair price. Care/of is a subscription package of daily vitamin packs personalized for your needs based on your lifestyle and personal health goals.

Shopping Guide 2017 - Toys

This year we have toys not only for your kids, but also your pets. BarkBox is a subscription service for dog toys, treats, and goodies delivered monthly. Each month is uniquely themed and comes with at least 2 toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew.  The BarkShop provides a store with many of the items typically provided in the monthly box for purchase a la carte.  Tenka Labs takes LEGO-like toys into a new age using their Circuit Cubes. Circuit Cubes are electronic building blocks that add sound, motion, light, and sensors to LEGO-style bricks, vintage toys, or pool noodles to bring these toys to life.  Shifu provides card kits that interact with a smartphone app to provide augmented reality based educational games for kids.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Check out our extended list below!  

Avegant GlyphMixed reality
Bowers & WilkinsWired & wireless headphones and
CaavoTV streaming
CinemoodChild-friendly cinema
Essential ProductsAndroid smartphone and
Fitbit FlyerWireless fitness
LibratonePortable wireless
Roadie TunerAutomatic guitar
RobloxOnline games for
AllbirdsMen’s and women’s sneaker made of
Bespoke PostMonthly box of men’s good of clothing, grooming, drink kits and
Birdies SlippersLuxury women’s slippers for the
Bolt ThreadsHigh-end fabrics made from spider
Boon + GableOnline shopping platform with
FarfetchOnline fashion retail
Rep The SquadJersey rentals for sports
RothysWomen’s ballet and pointed toe
Stitch FixOutfit delivery that lets you try before you
UNTUCKitCasual shirts designed to be
Winky LuxBeauty
GoPro FusionGoPro’s 360 degree
Huawei Honor VR360 camera for
Kudrone4k camera smart
LightformComputer made for projecting augmented
Markforged Mark TwoCarbon fiber and metal 3D
Snapchat SpectaclesSnapchat connected
Daily HarvestFrozen superfood smoothies, soups, and sundae
FarmsteadFood grocery
FingerlixReady-to-cook fresh food
FreshlyHealthy meal
GobbleDinner kits designed for 15 minute dinners with 1
Imperfect ProduceSubscription produce delivery of ugly produce at a 30-50%
Impossible foodsPlant-based
Memphis MeatsLab produced
PlumHome wine preservation
Raised RealSuperfood baby food
Sun BasketOrganic meal kit delivery
SwiggyIndian food delivery
The Farmer’s DogFreshly made, pre-portioned dog food
Wim YogurtSingle-serve frozen yogurt
23 and MeDNA and genetic testing
Bevel TrimmerRemium razor and shaving
Care/ofPersonalized daily vitamin
EargoWorlds smallest hearing
Harry’sQuality men’s shaving
Modern FertilityComprehensive fertility
NootroboxCognitive supplements to supercharge your body and
PelotonExercise bike with indoor cycling classes
QuipModern electric toothbrush
UbiomeMicrobiome testing
WiivvCustom 3D-printed shoe
BrandlessBrandless everyday products, all with a price of $
BrilliantSmart home controller and light
CoverEnergy efficient affordable housing
GrabrOnline marketplace for foreign
GrowSelf-watering smart
June OvenIntelligent toaster
Kuri At Home RobotPersonal robot for the
LighthouseHome interactive assistant and
NestHome automated, sensor-driven thermostats, smoke detectors, and
Ponix VerticalHydroponic vertical farm for the
Rock Paper RobotModern
Soma WaterSustainable water bottles and plant-based water
TrackRLost item
BarkBoxMonthly box of dog toys, treats & gifts every
DJI GogglesImmersive goggles for seamles FPV flying with DJI
DJI Matrice 2000Camera drone and
littleBitsElectronic building blocks to design objects for work and
MakeblockRobotic building kits for STEM
OYO SportsMLB, NFL, NHL collectible minifigures and game
OzobotPocket-sized toy robots for future
PlayShifu GlobeAugmented reality based educational
Sphero BB-8Star Wars app enabled
TenkalabsCircuit cube electronic building blocks that connect to LEGO
2nd skullHead protection skull cap for contact
7invensun aGlassPlug-and-play eye tracking accessory for the HTC
Corsair OneA gaming console-like
CricFlexWearable arm sleeve technology for
Fitbit Alta HRSmartwatch for health tracking, Fitbit’s slimmest
Fitbit IonicFitness
GameviceAdd-on gaming controllers for the
LootcrateMonthly subscription box of geek and gaming related
MotionizeStand-up paddleboarding sensor and kayak
MyKronozSmart watch and activity
PIQConnected sports equipment for skiing, boxing, golf, tennis,
Secret EscapesLuxury hotel discount
SkelmetPerformance custom tailored sport
WHOOPPerformance optimization smart watch for

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