Udi Dahan

Head of Israel

Udi joined Top Tier in 2023 as Head of Israel. He is responsible for building and executing our strategy for the Israeli Eco-System.

Udi Dahan

Udi has more than 20 years of experience in banking and finance, mostly in various leadership positions such as Business Area Head at LGT Bank in Switzerland, the CEO of UBS WM in Israel as well as Banking Division Head at U-Bank in Israel. Udi has extensive experience in managing assets of private clients across various asset classes.

Udi has a B.Sc. In Computer Sciences and Economics from Tel-Aviv University, an MA and a PhD. From St. Gallen University (HSG) in Switzerland and an MBA from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (NTU). Recently, he also graduated from the Advanced Management Program (AMP, 196) at Harvard Business School (HBS).

Udi likes to travel with his family and experience with his 3 children their first encounters with the world. He loves sports and meditation and exploring novel ideas.